Events and dates:

17. APR 2021

starting at 9:00 a.m. online

Online Commemoration on the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp and later Extermination Site

This year is the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the NS concentration camps. Due to the Corona pandemic, we will once again be unable to meet at the Uckermark Concentration Camp memorial site or at the Ravensbrück Memorial. Nevertheless, we will be commemorating the individuals who were murdered and those who survived the concentration camp and extermination site. We would like to remember them and their stories – because antifascist commemoration and remembrance is still necessary!
There will therefore be a diverse program offered online and offline for the 76th anniversary of the liberation on the weekend of April 17th-18th.

We have posted videos with contributions from Marek Barwikowski (son of Uckermark survivor Łucja Barwikowska), Ingelore Prochnow (Ravensbrück survivor), Sieglinde Helmsdorf (survivor of the NS child "welfare" program) and from us as the Initiative for an Uckermark Concentration Camp Memorial. You can watch the videos on the following sites:

on our website (in German)
• on this Instagram account:
• on the Ravensbrück Memorial site (excerpts):

commemmoration -videos

In addition, the following contributions will be available on the Association of Ravensbrück Camp Survivors, Family and Friends website – Lagergemeinschaft Ravensbrück/Freundeskreis e.V. – LGRF (

on Saturday, 17  April 2021:
Welcome message from the LGRF, a feature on the Fürstenberg cemetary, a feature on the sculpture "Die Tragende" at the Ravensbrück Memorial, a trailer for a film about Ingelore Prochnow, and the presentation of a new booklet on Polish prisoners

on Sunday, 18. April 2021:
Commemoration ceremony at the Soviet Memorial, short interview with Robert Philipp (Mayor of Fürstenberg), feature on the tent set up in 1944 for overflow from the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp, interview with Esther Bejarano, and the dedication of a memorial sign for the women who were forced into sex work.
All contributions provided by the LGRF will be available on the Ravensbrück Memorial website as well as on the VVN-BdA website.
All contributions are in German (except the Polish one by Marek Barwikowski, with German subtitles).

17. APR 2021

at multiple locations

Memorial Posters for the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp and later Extermination Site

Since we will sadly, once again, not be able to meet at the Uckermark Concentration Camp memorial site, we would like to mark this moment in the form of memorial posters across the country, as we did last year. You can download the posters here. It would be wonderful to see them spread out far and wide, to see them encourage commemoration, remembrance, action, and to motivate people to stop for a moment in reflection.
We would also like to post pictures of the hung posters online. If you are on Instagram, it would be great if you could post the pictures yourself, tagging our account @gedenkort_uckermark. Otherwise, you could send us your pictures by email to and we will post them for you on Instagram and on our website (at least a selection). Please let us know if you would like us to post the pictures anonymously or if you would like to provide a little information about yourself and/or the place where the posters are hung. And, of course, feel free to post them on other (social media) sites in order to distribute them to a wider audience. Here are some examples of pictures from last year.

18. APR 2020

3pm: Uckermark Site

75th anniversary of the liberation of the youth concentration camp and later extermination site UckermarkCANCELLED

Shuttle departure from Visitor Centre in Ravensbrück at 2.30 pm. In case of bad weather, an alternative location for the commemoration will be signposted and announced on our website.

English and polish translation will be available.

The commemoration will be followed by the opening of a new exhibition and a round tour at the Uckermark site.

Further events:

18/04/2020 at 11:30 am: Unveiling of a memorial sign for the women who were forced to perform sex work at the Ravensbrück camp.

Location: New memorial site at the former Ravensbrück women's concentration camp.
Organisers: Projektgruppe Ravensbrück (Bielefeld)

18/04/2020 at 5:00 pm: Concert with Esther Bejarano & Microphone Mafia

Location: Large tent in front of the former headquarters building at the Ravensbrück memorial site.

!! Unfortunately, we have to cancel this year's commemoration due to concern over the rapid spread of coronavirus!!

19. APR 2020

10 am: Ravensbrück Memorial Site, Straße der Nationen, Fürstenberg/Havel

75th anniversary of the liberation of the Ravensbrück women's concentration campCANCELLED

You are very welcome to join us at the commemoration ceremony of the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück on 19/04/2020 at 10.00 am. We want to set a powerful feminist and anti-fascist example against the expected appearance of nationalists.

For more information, please find our 2018 statement here [Link]. Unfortunately, this topic is still a burning issue.

English version of the Ravensbrück program:

7.- 16. AUG 2020

Uckermark Site

Baucamp 2020

The next Volunteer Work Stay will take place 2020,August 7 -16. Soon you will find here information about registration and the invitation.

1.-11. AUG 2019

Uckermark Site

Safe the Date -The 2019 Antifascist Feminist Volunteer Work Stay will take place August 1-11

Find the invitation and more info in various languages on page for volunteer work stays

14. APR 2019

Ravensbrück Memorial Site

10 am: commemoration of the 74nd anniversary of liberation


13. APR 2019

Uckermark site

commemoration of the 74nd anniversary of liberation

Please come join us to commemorate together at the site of the former Uckermark concentration camp.

more to follow

12. MAR 2019

7:00 pm: Berlin, "Salon" Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Franz-Mehring-Platz 1

Information meeting and discussion forum in the run-up to the 2019 Liberation Commemoration

Embattled Remembrance - Antifascist Commemoration in the Era of the New Right, Based on the Example of Ravensbrueck (Umkämpfte Erinnerung – Antifaschistisches Gedenken in Zeiten der Neuen Rechten am Beispiel von Ravensbrück). In German.

For other events please see German version


ONLINE till May 29,2022: Feature about the memorial site and our initiative in the RBB programme "Heimatjournal" (in German)

The town of Fürstenberg was portrayed in the RBB programme "Heimatjournal" of 29/05/2021 - and the work of our initiative, too! Please find the feature here (starting around minute 21): :

Please see German version for more news and statements

Here you will find some news announcement extracts (2012 – 2015) translated into English

For documentation purposes, all events or news statements published here are recorded in the archive in the form of an annual document (pdf, in German).