Volunteer Work Stays

The volunteer work stays are not just for people who speak fluent German. Since people from many different countries participate in the work stays, there are often multiple languages spoken there. For each work stay, the participants decide together what the common language will be. If you would like to take part, please let us know what languages you speak when you register, so that we have time to look into the possibility of getting an interpreter if necessary.

Tafel zu Baracke

The first volunteer work stays were held in 1997. Excavations revealed building foundations and an intact drainage pipe. Many objects were found, including tiles, bricks, window panes, tin cans, a doll's head, a transformer, a furnace hatch, folders, syringes, pharmaceutical vials, and others. That is significant because it means that there are still authentic remains at the site even though it has been left unexamined for so many years.

Invitations and Reports on the Volunteer Work Stays

Wegweiser für das Uckermarkgelände

The 2017 Antifascist Feminist Volunteer Work Stay will take place August 6-17.

All women, lesbians, and trans* people were invited to participate in the antifascist, feminist volunteer work stay from August 07 to 18, 2016 at the site of the Former Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp for Girls and Young Women and Later Extermination Site. For more information, see volunteer work stay 2016 flyer

Antyfaszystowski feministyczny workcamp
na terenie dawnego obozu koncentracyjnego dla młodzieży i późniejszego obozu zagłady UCKERMARK [Polski]

Антифашистский феминистский кэмп встречи и сотрудничества
на территории бывшего юношеского концлагеря, а позже концлагеря уничтожения Укермарк [Русский]

Encuentro antifascista y feminista para la construcción colectiva de un lugar conmemorativo en el terreno del antiguo campo de concentración para jóvenes que después fue el campo de exterminio de UCKERMARK [Español]

Antifasist feminist insaat ve karsilasma kampi vaktiyle genç insanlar için nazi toplama kampinin olusturdugu UCKERMARK'da [Türkçe]

Comme toujours en été, on veut passer plus qu'une semaine antifasciste et féministe sur le site de l'ancien camp de concentration des jeunes et plus tard lieu d'anénatissement UCKERMARK pour se rencontrer et construire le lieu commémoratif. [Français].


We look forward to seeing you there – registration and contact: baucamp@gmx.de

Sponsored by:

FemRef Bielefeld Netzwerk Selbsthilfe Asta UP Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Asta Uni Oldenburg FemRef Uni Oldenburg Solidaritätsfonds der Hans-Böckler-Stiftung

Selection of Texts

In 2009, a selection of texts was compiled to provide a preliminary overview of the history of the concentration camp, of the volunteer work stays and their political context, and of other relevant actors. The work stay reader (English and German) can be downloaded as a pdf (3MB).


Volunteer Work Stay Reports

Tafel zu Fundamentfund

Participants from past work stays have provided reports and pictures (in German):

report from the 2015 work stay

report from the 2013 work stay

report from the 2012 work stay

pictures from the 2012 work stay

report from the 2009 work stay

report from the 2008 work stay

report from the 2007 work stay

report from the 2004 work stay

pictures from the 2004 work stay

report from the 2001 work stay

pictures from the 2001 work stay