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Unfortunately, most of the films and videos are only available in German. Please click here for the German title list

The following film is available with English subtitles:

James Rosalind u.a.

Zugang erwünscht - Dokumentation über den Wandel eines Gedenkorts auf dem Gelände des ehemaligen Jugendkonzentrationslagers Uckermark
(– Access wanted – Documentation of the transformation of a memorial on the site of the Former Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp)

Berlin and Uckermark 2012 - DVD (51 min), German with English subtitles

Over 15 years ago, a group of feminist antifascists began the process of rescuing the history of the Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp from obscurity. In many ways, the concept that they developed opposes traditional policies of remembrance. In the meantime, state institutions have made plans to construct a memorial site on the land, however, contrary positions on remembrance policies have stood in the way. Will commemoration at this site end up coming under the scope of state and academic institutions, or will a more open, accessible, antifacist praxis be preserved?

Please visit the "Zugang-erwünscht" - Website for further information or to obtain a copy of the film.

Some of the documentaries by film maker Loretta Walz are available in English and in other languages:

Loretta Walz, Waidak Media e.V. and Hektor + Rydzewski Bild + Ton Produktion GmbH

The Women of Ravensbrück - Videoarchive

Video archive in the form of a data bank

In 1980, Loretta Walz started recording biographical video interviews with women who had been imprisoned in the concentration camps at Moringen, Lichtenburg and Ravensbrück. So far, fifty of the interviews have been processed and incorporated into the data bank. See them online at

Various films of Loretta Walz

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