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Unfortunately, there are no English translations for most of the audios, videos and literature referenced on the German version of this website.

We do however provide an English version of the Volunteer Work Stay Reader:

“International Antifascist Feminist Working Camp at the Site of the Former Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp 2009” (texts available in English and German)

In 2009, a reader was compiled containing texts that provide an initial overview of the history of the Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp, the volunteer work stays and their political context, as well as other relevant actors. The reader can be downloaded as a pdf (980MB)

“Clear Wording or ‘Historical’ Euphemisms? Conceptual Controversies Surrounding the Naming of National Socialist Memorial Sites in Germany”

This text is on National Socialist euphemisms and their continued usage today. One example is the debate around the naming of the Uckermark Youth Concentration Camp. It was originally published in: “Edinburgh German Yearbook 8: New Literary and Linguistic Perspectives on the German Language, National Socialism, and the Shoah”. The “German Yearbook” is put out annually by the University of Edinburgh and is mostly geared towards an English-speaking audience that is studying German. Every year the “German Yearbook” handles a different topic, and in 2014 it was “The German Language, National Socialism, and the Shoah”.

The publishers have kindly granted us permission to make a slightly modified draft version available here as a pdf file (approx. 20 pages).

Some of the documentaries by film maker Loretta Walz are available in English and in other languages:

Loretta Walz, Waidak Media e.V. and Hektor + Rydzewski Bild + Ton Produktion GmbH

The Women of Ravensbrück – Videoarchive

Video archive in the form of a data bank

In 1980, Loretta Walz started recording biographical video interviews with women who had been imprisoned in the concentration camps at Moringen, Lichtenburg and Ravensbrück. So far, fifty of the interviews have been processed and incorporated into the data bank. See them online at www.videoarchiv-ravensbrueck.de

Various films of Loretta Walz

For further information or to order a copy of any of the films, please visit www.loretta-walz.de

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