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Commemoration ceremony

Commemoration ceremony

Since 2005, a commemoration ceremony has been held every year in April at the Uckermark Memorial Site.

This celebration is organized by the Initiative for a Uckermark Concentration Camp Memorial Site together with the survivors of the Uckermark Concentration Camp and their relatives.

It is important to the initiative to put these people and their story/s in the center of the celebration.

In 2020 and 2021, the celebrations took place digitally. Various video contributions were produced, which were put online on the day of liberation.

Furthermore, in both years there was a poster campaign that was visible in many cities and drew attention to the anniversary as well as to continuities of exclusion and inhuman structures.

Some of the translated speeches were:

Commemoration of the 73rd anniversary of liberation April 21, 2018:
Speech of the Initiative for a memorial site at the former concentration camp Uckermark
Text by Sieglinde Helmsdorf (1938-2015): Humanity (read, translated)

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