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Save the Date for the 2024 Volunteer Work Stay

Hello Everybody!

There will be another Volunteer Work Stay at the Uckermark Concentration Camp Memorial Site in 2024. We would like to spend time together on the memorial site building and repairing where necessary, as well as engaging with the history of the concentration camp and the survivors’ stories. All women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender individuals 18 or older are invited to spend nine days learning about the memorial site, engaging with the history of the place and antifascist remembrance politics, as well as contributing to self-organized construction and repair projects.

We reserve spots for people who have experienced classism*.

When: August 19-28, 2024

Where: Himmelpfort (Brandenburg)

Financial Contribution: We would like people who have limited funds to be able to participate as well. To make that possible, we ask people with more financial resources to pay more. You will receive more information about this upon registration.

Educational Leave (“Bildungszeit”): We apply for the registration of the Volunteer Work Stay as educational leave.

Registration: Starting in early 2024. Further information and a more detailed invitation will be found soon on our website: https://gedenkort-kz-uckermark.de/aktuell/ and on Instagram: @Gedenkort_Uckermark.

* Classism is discrimination based on class origin or a person’s belonging to a particular class, which limits access to housing, education, healthcare, social participation, recognition, financial resources, and more…

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